30 Day Total Body Challenge

by Amy Anne

I need so much help while creating a workout plan. I am not going for the ultimate goal of being a fitness model, but I want to be strong and feel good. That helps me feel good about myself. I really like setting goals for myself, it helps me stay motivated and actually do the workouts! I suggest finding your ideal situation too. I like working out at home between the foot of my bed and dresser. I like to run outside in my neighborhood or a nice park. I also suggest swapping out the weekend run for a hike if you get the chance. 

I got a new Apple watch as a gift and it came with 3 months of Apple Fitness+ for free. I didn’t know how much I would like it, but I didn’t want to go to my gym anymore and it seemed like an OK alternative. I mean it had to be better than finding random videos on YouTube, right? 

I have Apple products and you can use Apple Fitness+ to track your workouts on most of them: iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. I love it. AND it’s only $9.99 per month – that is WAY cheaper than my discounted one location gym membership at over $40 per month. I was never able to attend classes and the equipment was always dirty…

I like the platform because I can just know that I want to do 20 minutes of HIIT today and I search the HIIT category for a 20 minute video. The moves are pretty simply put together and they offer modifications as well. I like the simplicity. The video description lists the equipment needed (I use water bottles for weights if it’s called for). So I built my workout challenge/glow up/fitness plan by category. It will work if you just search YouTube for “10 minute core workout” too. 

What other workout services do you like to use?

Where do you workout in your house? 

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