Workout From Home: 20 Minute HIIT Workout

by Amy Anne

Need a Fun 20 Minute HIIT Workout?

This HIIT High Intensity Interval Training workout focuses on your range of movement: side to side, up and down, and front to back. These 6 moves are intended to be performed 3 times each. You can either work on your form each time you do it or try challenging yourself more with each iteration to get the most out of your workout!

Couple this workout with any core workout or a 21 day fitness challenge like this and you’re on your way to making really good choices, my friend!

Why do we do HIIT?

These HIIT workouts will help you raise your heart rate to burn some calories and to stay active! HIIT is beneficial especially when you’re cooped up in your home or have no access to a gym or equipment. We use our bodyweight with this exercise – no tires or ropes necessary. 

HIIT has been so beneficial for me to keep in shape and it allows me to begin running again after being injured and not being able to go outside. I usually get winded and severely discouraged when I first get back into running, but since I’ve been relying on HIIT workouts as my main cardio, I was able to pick up where I never thought I could before. I feel strong! 

What are your favorite moves for your cardio workout? 

Have you been able to stay strong? 

What keeps you motivated?

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