Feel Better with a Food Journal & Symptom Tracker

by Amy Anne

Is keeping a food journal right for you? I have to keep track of what I eat, how much, when I eat, and how I feel throughout the day in order to find patterns of discomfort in my diet. I also keep a short log of my activity level for that day as it plays into my overall wellbeing. I developed a Food Journal & Symptom Tracker to help me track what I eat & drink and how it made me feel. The journal helped me begin to eliminate the foods and beverages that caused me pain and discomfort. Hopefully it can help you too!

Why do you need a Food Journal to track what you eat?

Bloated? Can’t poop? Pooping too much? Are you on an elimination diet? Does FODMAP mean anything to you? Feel like shit, then you feel amazing the next day? This food journal will help you track what you put into your body, your daily habits, and how it makes you feel day to day. Tracking your food is one thing but if you only do that, you’re only tracking half of the situation. You need to track your overall health with the symptoms too.

Daily Food Journal & Symptom Tracker

Food Journal & Symptom Tracker - Always Amy Anne

Food Journal & Symptom Tracker Details

Each daily journal entry has separate sections that help you focus on the different aspects of your food intake:

  • Food & Drink Intake
  • Symptoms
  • Today’s Mood
  • Did you Doody?
  • Water Intake
  • Notes/Triggers
  • Activity

Food & Drink Intake

Oatmeal or a cupcake for breakfast? Quinoa bowl with bell pepper and cheese? Popcorn and Sleepless in Seattle in bed? Capture the ingredients and portion size of each item – make note of the time you eat each meal or snack. Different symptoms can be instant and some can have a delayed reaction in your body.


Keep track of your symptoms throughout the day. This journal asks you to check in with your body at least 3 times a day. Write down when you feel bloating, gas, anxiety, any pain, and/or distention.

Today's Mood

How you eat can affect your overall wellness. Did you feel grumpy, happy, ready to cry into your chocolate-stained pillow? Track your mood to see if there’s a “happy pattern” that you can keep emulating – that is the goal!

Did you Doody?

A doody a day keeps the booty okay. It’s natural and everyone does it, just keep track of your own (please don’t monitor other’s BMs). It’s normal to have the same daily pattern and at least once a day is healthy.

Water Intake

Does it help if you “grease the tracks?” The daily recommended fluid intake is 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. Fill in the droplet when you finish a cup.


Write down anything you can think of that gives you insight – these may come in handy in the long-run of finding patterns and your ideal diet.

Other Activity

Keeping track of your activity (e.g., running or workout) and diet will help you understand if your symptoms stem from the food you eat, your inactivity, or both.

What are some things that you do to track your diet and activities? 

Do any of the above tips help you to tackle this daunting task of food journaling? 

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