5 Inexpensive Small Apartment Storage Ideas

by Amy Anne

I currently live in a small condo in Hawaii. With such limited space on the island and a lifestyle centered around being outdoors, space is limited. So, you have to make the most of what you have. I want to share with you some simple and inexpensive small apartment storage solutions that have made a huge difference in organizing my space.

Even 5 pairs of shoes can cause clutter in my little apartment. If you have limited floor space, the last thing you want to use it for is storing shoes. Instead of having shoes by the front door or in the bottom of the closet, I got a hanging shoe rack to get the shoes off the floor and store them neatly where I can see them!

I hate ironing, but sometimes you need to look like you didn’t sleep in your clothes. The small table top ironing boards are much easier to store, but just doesn’t work well, in my opinion. The normal sized ironing board is the best tool for the job, but can be a pain to tuck away. Again, one of the best ideas for small apartments: go vertical. Instead of storing the ironing board next to the dryer or in a closet, I put up an inexpensive door hanger that lets me put the ironing board out of sight behind a door!

If you have limited bathroom storage space, finding a place for your small items like soap bars, first aid items, and other bathroom necessities can be difficult. Whether it’s above the toilet, in a cabinet, or a small closet, most bathrooms have some form of shelving. Maximize the vertical space of your bathroom storage areas with cute cubbies. I linked my next purchase, and there are SO many options just go on Amazon and search “decorative bins” for all the cubbies! One of my favorite space saving ideas for small apartments!

I don’t have a ton of clothes to hang so in my closet I have the few hanging clothes and dresses so my thinking was to maximize the closet space by adding more shelves, but I couldn’t install a traditional permanent closet organizer because we rent and they can get pretty expensive! So I got some affordable and sturdy utility shelving and it fits perfectly! Now I have a place for everything and then some! The best part is that we can take these shelves with us when we move and no damage to the walls. (I did not take a picture of my closet, here’s a picture of what I used, thanks for understanding;)

We found this magnetic strip for our knives since they didn’t come with a block. Initially I was hesitant because I’ve always had a block on the countertop, but we do not have the countertop luxury right now. This strip works great, it doesn’t dull the knives like I was worried about, and it keeps them safely out of the way, but still handy for food prep!

I know there are so many more ways to organize small apartments, help me out in the comments! 

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