Fleming Trail to Sly Park Waterfall

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The Deets

Location: Pollock Pines, CA
: Easy
Distance: 6 miles
Exposure: Mostly Shade
Bikes Allowed: Yes & horses!
Dog Friendly:


Parking: Free
Doggie Bags:
 Picnic Area @ Trailhead
 Yes – (At Trailhead Only)
Drinking Water:

Helpful Info

Take Highway 50 to the Sly Park Rd exit. Head south on Sly Park Rd until you reach Mormon Emigrant Trail. Turn left on Mormon Emigrant Trail and follow until you cross over the second damn. Just after the second dam crossing you’ll see a sign for “Waterfall Trail” on the left. Paid parking in the lot $13.00 per vehicle or free parking on the road.

Trail Map: USDA Forestry Service

Current Weather: Weather.com

Trail Conditions: USDA Forestry Service

Best Time to Travel: Spring & Summer

About this Hike

The Fleming Trail System and Trailhead has various routes in and around Jenkinson Lake in Pollock Pines, CA. This hike takes you around half the lake and ends at the Sly Park Waterfall. Be prepared for amazing water views, great picnic spots, and more!

Lakeside Hike

The entire length of this hike is within jumping distance of the lake! You weave up and down through the tree line along the lakes edge. There are great spots to stop all along the trail for fishing, picnics, and shaded areas to spend the day and swim. However, if you just want to relax near the water and not have to battle to get there, one of the nearby day use areas may be more appealing.

Trail Conditions

The trail is very easy and great for kids and pets. There are some parts designed for mountain bikes that have dips and upward climbs, but nothing too tough. During summer months the trail is solid and has beautiful views along the lake shoreline. During the rainy season, the soft red earth can be very muddy and some low areas of the trail may be washed out. During the winter season, the trail may be closed altogether.


When you gotta go, you gotta go. But on this trail, go before you go. There are a couple outhouses at trail head but no other restrooms on hike, unless you continue past the waterfall into the day user and campground areas on the other side of the lake.

Picnic Area

Cram those calories! Tables and benches at the trail head are great for a picnic lunch before or after the hike. The picnic area is right off the paid parking lot.

Hikers, and Bikers, and Horses, Oh My!

In reality there are two separate trails that run parallel to each other. One is an equestrian trail (horses) and the other a hiking trail. You will also see splits in the hiking trail to separate hikers from mountain bikers.

Notes from the Dog

This my favorite hike.  I walked and jumped and sat in holes and rolled in dirt. Then I roll in grass and sit in water. At the outside shower, I saw a dog! They called him Max and I’m Max, so that was awkward. I saw purple flies, called butterflies, but I don’t think so, they didn’t taste like butter. Mom say “hike is 6 miles.” I tell her, “6 miles is yay.” But now I think 6 miles is boo. I got nervous on the car ride and make the seat smell bad. My seat now.

Don’t Want to Bum You Out, But…

These are some things to consider when going on this hike. In no way should these things prevent you from going, I just wanted you let you know!

  • This is a great mountain bike trail. If you’re on foot, be prepared to move to the side.
  • Waterfall comes from a controlled water source. In the later summer months it may be more like a small stream trickling over rocks.

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