Best Outdoor Cat Houses for Winter

by Amy Anne
Best Outdoor Cat Houses for Winter
We have two cats and it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like, they want to be outside! Outdoor cat houses and enclosures give your kitties a place to hang out while staying warm. If your cats are anything like mine, you need one of these enclosures for when they refuse to come inside!

There are different options depending on your needs:

Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelters

Weatherproof cat shelters are made from more resilient materials. They are also better sealed and insulated to protect from rain, snow, and wind. These tough cat houses are perfect for colder, wetter areas. 

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280+ reviews

100% solid wood with asphalt roofing and canopy. Multi-tiered and back door to protect against predators. Leak-proof roof can be completely removed for easy cleaning!

Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Don’t want to leave a cat enclosure out all year? Maybe there are several spots you would like to have an enclosure, but don’t want to buy multiple products. If so, you might consider portable outdoor cat enclosures. Easy to pick up and move whenever you need!

Aivintuvin Portable Cat Enclosure


1,200+ reviews

4 wheels with breaks for easy moving and sturdy positioning. Removable bottom for easy cleaning. Waterproof roof is great for outdoor placements.

Heated Cat Houses

For those of you that pamper your kitties, nothing says “I love you” like a heated cat house! Maybe you’re thinking, “why can’t I just put a heated blanked in the cat house?” Don’t! Human heating products are not designed for pets. They get too hot and can even burn your cat!

K&H Heated Cat House


8,600+ reviews

Made from polyester to create comfort that is safe and plush! Can keep kitties warm in sub-zero temperatures. Perfect for cats that like to sleep in garages, porches, barns, or even colder parts of the house.

Outdoor Feral Cat Houses

A lot of people care for feral or abandoned cats nearby. One of the best things you can provide for them is shelter during the cold months. Outdoor feral cat houses typically have more than one entrance to provide proper entrance/escape routes. They are often more well built because they tend to be placed in more exposed areas.

ecoFLEX Outdoor Feral Cat House


5,400+ reviews

This weather-proof, bug-proof, and rot-proof cat house is perfect for placing in exposed areas away from your home. Two entry/exit points and made with ecoFLEX that won’t fade, warp, splinter, or crack!

Let me know how your fur babies are surviving this winter! Leave any tips and tricks in the comments.

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