Experience Amazing Snorkeling at Hawaiian Electric Beach

by Amy Anne

Electric Beach is one of Oahu’s best snorkeling spots. Expect to see an amazing reef, tropical fish, sea turtles, and maybe dolphins! The beach is named after the large power plant on the other side of the highway, run by Hawaiian Electric. There is a large coral reef just off the coast and it is a popular destination for many of the paid snorkeling tours. But it’s only a 30 minute drive from Waikiki and you can have the same experience for free!

Electric Beach Snorkeling

Shallow Reefs and Deep Dives

The reef wanders down the coast growing and shrinking as you swim along. Sometimes you are within arms reach of the reef. Swim another 2 minutes and you may find yourself in 30 feet of open water!

Amy Snorkeling at Electric Beach

Looking for Snorkeling Gear?

Aerial View of the Best Snorkeling Spots

There are few different locations to explore from Electric Beach. Below is a map of the area and recommended put in spot:

  1. Electric Beach – swim off shore to find amazing coral reef.
  2. Kahe Point Beach Park – swim out to the end of the power plant water outlet and artificial reef.
  3. Kahe Point Beach Park – cliff jump near the parking lot and explore the nearby reef.
Aerial view of best snorkeling spots at Electric Beach

Electric Beach Gets Busy

In general, snorkeling is usually better when you go earlier in the morning. The fish are out and feeding, the sun isn’t too hot, and you might just spot dolphins! If you wait too long, the beach can get crowded.

Hawaii Electric Beach Park

Are the waves strong at Electric Beach?

For the most part, Electric Beach is pretty calm and you will see small children playing in the waves. However, the water can get a little rough and be somewhat intimidating if you’re new to snorkeling. The reef comes right up to the beach. If the waves are 2-3 feet or higher (as you can see in the distance), I would recommend putting in at Kahe Point instead. Sometimes I like to wear my rash guard. It makes me feel protected. Also, I got a little burned 🥵 on the previous day’s hike to Ka’ena Point (see my Ka’ena Point Hike post), so I wanted to minimize my exposure when snorkeling.

Amy getting into the water at Electric Beach

Put in at Kahe Point Beach Park

You can also put in at the Kahe Point Beach Park and swim out. This will lead you to the power plant water outlet and reef. However, as you can see, the space is limited, usually crowded, and quite rocky, so get there early before the crowds do!

Kahe Point Beach Park

If you love snorkeling, then you MUST visit Electric Beach as well as the other amazing Oahu west side beaches. You won’t regret it, I promise! 

Let me know where your favorite snorkeling beach is, or if you have any questions about Electric Beach!

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